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Our original Russian Cubic Zirconia stones are hand-picked from the best quality CZ’s available. Each stone is then hand cut and hand polished with the same care given to natural diamonds. This ensures a perfectly cut stone. Perfectly cut stones have facets at the perfect angle to reflect light and give the stone the best brilliance and fire possible. Our Russian Cubic Zirconia’s are such a great diamond alternative they will even cut glass without breaking! Our stones are so wonderful we offer a Lifetime guarantee against chipping, breaking, and clouding or discoloration, under normal wear.

There are some Cubic Zirconia from other companies that is just as perfect as ours, but we guarantee you won’t find and CZ stones that are better!

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After hand picking the best quality cubic zirconia, each stone is hand cut and hand polished. This specific care ensures that each Russian cubic zirconia stone is cut to ideal diamond specifications. Cutting of stones creates facets, and the number and location of facets determines how and how much light reflects thru a stone. Since all our Russian CZ stones are cut to perfect specifications for their shape each cz stone has the maximum number of facets at the prefect angle and location to allow light to pass thru the CZ stone. Light passing thru the cubic zirconia stones determines how much fire and brilliance or sparkle the cubic zirconia stone has. After this process we order stones in bulk from Russia. Each one in personally inspected by our head jeweler. If the stones do not meet his high standards they are immediately sent back. We guarantee our Russian CZ Stones will beat any competitors, and we have a life-time warranty and 30 day money back guarantee!

We offer a life-time warranty on our Russian Cubic Zirconia. This warranty covers chipping, breaking, scratching, clouding, and discoloration. If for any reason any of the previous happens to your Russian CZ stone we will replace it for FREE! We stand behind our Russian Cubic Zirconia stones so you can wear them with confidence!
Life-time warranty only covers normal wear.

For more information on our Russian Cubic Zirconia visit our FAQ for diamond comparison.