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How do I track my shipment?

If you provide an e-mail address with
your order we will e-mail a USPS
tracking number when the item ships.

How do I exchange or return an item?

Please call 407-619-7642 to obtain a
Return or Exchange Authorization Code
Then send the item back to us at:
Terra's J
501 Florida Central Parkway #520052
Longwood, FL 32752

Please include your name and phone
number inside the return in case we
need to contact you.

Do you have a retail store?

Sorry! We closed our retail facilities in the late 90's. Our offices & manufacturing facilities are not open to the public.

Do you have a catalog?

At this time, we only have our internet catalog.

How do I place an order?

The most convenient way to place an order is through our website.
You may also mail order with a check or money order to:

Terra's Jewelry
704 Briarwood Drive
Winter Springs, FL 32708

Orders can also be placed by phone at 407-619-7642


What if I need sizing for my ring?

Sizing may take an additional 1-2 business days.
Sizing prices vary for different items and
are shown in the shopping cart once an item has
been clicked.
Most items can be sized locally since all our
items are made from solid 14k White, 14k yellow,
Pure Platinum, or Sterling Silver.
Size 6-7 no preference is the fastest method,
usually you will receive a size 6.
Size 6 is standard (no charge).

How do I contact Terra’s Jewelry?

By mail:
Terra's Jewelry
501 Florida Central Parkway #520052
Longwood, FL 32752

By phone:

By E-mail:


Can people tell if a stone is a CZ?

This is the number one question I have been ask over my years in the jewelry business.

The majority of people do not know what to look for to determine if a stone is a cz, diamond, or other diamond simulant.

Flawless and colorless diamonds are expensive and become more expensive the larger you go. All Cubic zirconia are colorless and flawless. Keep that in mind if you want to pass your stone as real. For example, I wear 2ctw Russian CZ stud earrings daily, and my friends think they are real even at a closer look. They think that because they know I work in the jewelry industry and assume I got them at an extreme discount. They also know if I wasn't in the jewelry industry I probably would not be able to afford 2-1ct colorless and flawless stones.

What makes Terra’s Jewelry Russian cubic zirconia better?

(short version)
Our original Russian Cubic Zirconia stones are hand-picked from the best quality CZ’s available. Each stone is then hand cut and hand polished with the same care given to natural diamonds. This ensures a perfectly cut stone. Perfectly cut stones have facets at the perfect angle to reflect light and give the stone the best brilliance and fire possible. Our Russian Cubic Zirconia’s are such a great diamond alternative they will even cut glass without breaking! Our stones are so wonderful we offer a Lifetime guarantee against chipping, breaking, and clouding or discoloration, under normal wear.

There are some Cubic Zirconia from other companies that is just as perfect as ours, but we guarantee you won't find and CZ stones that are better!

Please keep reading for more specific details.

After hand picking the best quality cubic zirconia, each stone is hand cut and hand polished. This specific care ensures that each Russian cubic zirconia stone is cut to ideal diamond specifications. Cutting of stones creates facets, and the number and location of facets determines how and how much light reflects thru a stone. Since all our Russian CZ stones are cut to perfect specifications for their shape each cz stone has the maximum number of facets at the prefect angle and location to allow light to pass thru the CZ stone. Light passing thru the cubic zirconia stones determines how much fire and brilliance or sparkle the cubic zirconia stone has. After this process we order stones in bulk from Russia. Each one in personally inspected by our head jeweler. If the stones do not meet his high standards they are immediately sent back. We guarantee our Russian CZ Stones will beat any competitors, and we have a life-time warranty and 30 day money back guarantee!

We offer a life-time warranty on our Russian Cubic Zirconia. This warranty covers chipping, breaking, scratching, clouding, and discoloration. If for any reason any of the previous happens to your Russian CZ stone we will replace it for FREE! We stand behind our Russian Cubic Zirconia stones so you can wear them with confidence!
Life-time warranty only covers normal wear.

For more information on our Russian Cubic Zirconia visit our FAQ for diamond comparison.

Russian cubic zirconia vs. diamonds. Cant decide? We can help!

We understand our products may not be for everyone, and that's just fine. We still appreciate the opportunity to educated you with our years of experience and vast knowledge on this particular subject.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) - a colorless and optically flawless crystalline form of zirconia that is similar to a diamond in refractivity and appearance.

Diamond - a precious stone consisting of a clear and typically colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.

The differences? As you can see by the definitions each substance contains several similar key terms. We will break them down here. In addition, we will cover the 4 C's of diamond grading as it applies to both stones.

Cubic Zirconia - usually purchased in the colorless form as a diamond simulant, but available in a variety of colors from aquamarine to Yellow.

Diamond - diamonds come in a variety of colors many of which are not desirable, and considered a defect in the stone. Very expensive diamonds can be purchased in the colorless form or more desired colors.

Color breakdown - Cubic zirconia as well diamonds come in a colorless form, but diamonds range in the thousands per carat for a colorless stone. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, cost under $50 for a 1ct stone. Diamonds come in a variety of color gradings with colorless "D" being the most desirable. All Cubic zirconia stones are "D" color.

Cubic Zirconia - always a flawless stone.
Diamond - have a wide variety of flaws with their own grading system called a clarity. Clarity gradings range from flawless to Shattered appearance or vivid disfiguring
and dangerous inclusions and surface marks. Again, pricing depends on these ratings.

Flawless/Clarity breakdown - Cubic Zirconia is a completely flawless stone, where as diamonds are prices according to their clarity rating.

Cubic Zirconia - Always cut according to flawless stone specifications
Diamonds - Cut to remove naturally occurring flaws.

Cut breakdown - A diamonds fire and brilliance can be lost in the cutting process due to poor cutting, or using non-standard proportions in order to cut out flaws. Where as, cubic zirconia does not have naturally occurring flaws. Cubic zirconia can be cut to perfect proportions every time.

Cubic Zirconia - cut to perfect diamond specifications - Rating = 2.170
Diamond - when cut to perfect diamond specifications - Rating = 2.417

Refractivity/Sparkle breakdown - All cubic zirconia are cut to perfect specifications and will always have the above refractive rating. Diamonds are cut in order to remove naturally occurring flaws (in order to increase their sale value), which means, many diamonds will have a lower refractive rating that the ideal cut rating.
I understand these numbers don't mean much, and if you thought so you are correct! Refractivity is measured using high-tech equipment, and a difference of .247 cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Carat weight
Cubic Zirconia - Cubic Zirconia is more dense that diamonds, meaning the same size will weigh slightly more. Many times when ordering Cubic Zirconia the sizes/weights given are the diamond equilivant (or the same visual size). All CZ stones can be cut to perfect diamond specifications.
Diamond - Because of the features listed above and naturally occurring flaws, diamonds are measured in weight. A 1 carat stone may vary in width, depth, or size of the angles. Variations in these have negative effects on refractivity.

Carat weight breakdown - Diamonds come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on how they were cut to remove flaws. Ideal cut diamonds are very desirable and thus very expensive. Cubic zirconia can always be cut to perfect specifications to enhance all the features listed above.

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